Africa Beyond the Tragic History

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  • Africa Beyond the Tragic History
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Africa: Beyond the Tragic History chronicles the intense wretchedness the Sub-Saharan African populace has been traditionally subjected to in extreme hunger, overall poor human condition coupled with political instability signifying absence of rule of law –– a situation which is yet to see any altered panorama in the wake of globalisation.

Despite the rhetoric on western humanitarianism campaign or the myth of neo-colonialism, Africa’s gains have been marginally confined to public relations only. Analysing the outcome of Congo’s destiny, Rwanda genocide, Uganda crises, desecration of Somalia or the fallacy of peace-keeping fuelled by western media duplicity, the critique shows how the countries in Africa are reeling under political anarchy, exploitative economic debt in financial relationships with the North, phantom aid, unfair trade, distorted investment and the continent’s brain/skills drain.

Amii Omara-Otunnu, a dynamic ‘human rights activist’ and ‘the son of the soil’, while narrating Africa’s perverted priorities in ‘culture of war’ and ‘militarism’ threatening human civilisation, visualises the continent will usher into a new era in the emergence of ecumenical ethical leadership ensuring social justice especially in the antidote of tyranny in a ‘Pan Africanism’ context.

Amii Omara-Otunnu is the UNESCO Chair in Human Rights in the United States of America and the founder and Executive Director of the Institute of Comparative Human Rights at the University of Connecticut. In addition to being the Professor of History at the University of Connecticut, he also serves as Executive Director of the UConn-ANC Partnership, and leads the University of Connecticut-University of Fort Hare (South Africa) international linkage, as its director.

Amii Omara-Otunnu earned a B A degree in Social Studies from Harvard University, an M Sc in Political Science from the London School of Economics, and a B A (Honours) in Jurisprudence and a Doctor of Philosophy in History from the University of Oxford. Since his student days, Amii has been involved in movements for human rights and social justice in pre and post-apartheid South Africa, and was conferred the Luminary Award by the World Affairs Council for honouring his contribution in global affairs.

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