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Frontpage Publications Limited, based in London, is an independent publishing house pioneering a distinctive approach to excel in bringing out critical debates primarily in the areas of history and politics, human rights, media and women issues.

Promoted by a team of accomplished specialists having proven track record in international publishing, Frontpage counts on exclusive writing in order to promote alternative voices to a wider audience through both conventional and electronic channels.

Frontpage encourages co-publishing relationships with universities, associations, think tanks, non-governmental organisations and other publishers across the world.

Frontpage also brings out the ‘Journal of Transdisciplinary Peace Praxis‘ (JTPP), a peer-reviewed, biannual, subscription-based, scholarly journal of contemplative cutting edge research and practice on subjects related to human social flourishing and peace, in both print and online versions.

Frontpage is an ISO 9001: 2015 accredited organisation.


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Frontpage Publications

  • New Arrivals

    Indian Polity and Economy : A Mirror to Difficult Times

    Pranab Bardhan views that the health of a country’s political economy depends on its people’s capacity to exercise their democratic rights as well as their capacity to earn and spend. Bardhan’s arguments on Universal Basic Income thus become stronger at the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in unprecedented economic instability.


  • New Arrivals

    Shows how hope can be found in the darkest situations, and ‘success’ is not just the act of making it; rather, an act of reaching back to bring others with you



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