One-point Destination
for entire Pre-Press and Print/Production Requirements

Frontpage, having in-house state of the art facility together with a dedicated team of young professionals paying critical attention to every stage in pre-press/print-production assignments, offers customised publishing services in both print and electronic media

Editorial Services

  • Developing project specific style-sheet based on concept and target audience
  • Editing in liaise with authors and/or publishers for any clarification
  • Checking notes and references
  • Designing layout

Note: A single copy editor is typically assigned the entire book so consistency is maintained throughout the project, and deadline is met

Composition Services

  • Typesetting from the vetted manuscripts
  • Developing graphics
  • Developing subject/author/keyword indices/indexing
  • Proofing
  • Cover designing
  • Scanning, file conversion, redrawing and relabeling of artwork
  • Delivering electronic content
    Note: Output offered in XML environment for convenient print and online delivery
  • Offering from concept development to final design for books, manuals, journals, brochures and reference works

eBook Services

  • Conversion from raw content to standardised eBook format in both Epub 2.0 and Kindle versions
  • Scan and digitisation from print books into eBooks
  • Modification from one format to another
  • Features and services:

    • Customised styling, based on source or preference
    • Reflowable document optimised for a particular display
    • Two-way Table of Contents linking with Chapter/Content/Headings
    • Passage highlighting and two-way linking of foot/endnotes – text to notes and back
    • Resizable fonts
    • High definition images – corrected and enhanced
    • External font embedding
    • Front & back page design
    • Online/website linking
    • Social media linking and referencing

Print/Production Services

  • Undertaking print/production applying strict quality control measures

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