Design and Engineering: Sustainability, Innovation and Production (e-Book)
A New Perspective in Social Sciences (e-Book)
Employment and Social Protection of Adults with Disability: Selected Papers (e-Book)
A New Perspective in Social Sciences
Employment and Social Protection of Adults with Disability: Selected Papers
Calcutta High Court: 68 Years Digest of Important Labour Cases [1950-2018]
Resilience: Stories of Muslim Women
Intimate Tussles
A Critical Review of Social Sciences: Contemporary Issues
A Critical Review of Social Sciences: Theory and Practice
Alipore Bomb Trial, 1908 -1910 : Arguments in Courts and Judgements, Vol 2
Communalism: India’s Struggle for Democracy and Pluralism
Alipore Bomb Trial, 1908 -1910 : A Compilation of Unpublished Documents, Vol 1
Globalisation, Democracy and Corruption: An Indian Perspective
Human Rights : Voices of World’s Young Activists
I Could Not Save Mahatma Gandhi: Untold Stories from a Witness’s Diary
Gandhi’s Dilemma in War and Independence
Indian National Evolution: A Brief Survey of the Origin and Progress of the Indian National Congress and the Growth of Indian Nationalism
Africa Beyond the Tragic History
Strangling Liberty Media in Distress in Pakistan
Branding the Migrant: Arguments of Rights, Welfare and Security
Justice, Liberty, Equality: Dalits in Independent India
Margins to Centre Stage: Empowering Dalits in India
Rediscovering Swami Vivekananda
Tagore’s Best Short Stories
The Picture of My Early Life (Jibansmriti)
China’s Economic Reform: Ideological Legitimacy and Deng Xiaoping Theory
Nation or the Empire: Indian Civilians at the Crossroads
Indology, Historiography and the Nation: Bengal, 1847-1947
Politics in Hunger Regime: Essays on the Right to Food in West Bengal
Forced Migration & Media-Mirrors
Counter-Gaze: Media, Migrants, Minorities
Forced Migration in North East India: A Media Reader
Still Canadian? Identity, Difference, Ethnicity and Race in the Experience of Canadian Migrants to the United States
Women’s Encounter with Disaster
Women’s Encounter with Globalization
The Sickle and the Crescent: Communists, Muslim League and India’s Partition
Voices of Internally Displaced Persons in Kenya: A Human Rights Perspective
Engineer's Handbook for Implementation of Industrial Projects
The Real Thing Coke's Bumpy Ride Through India
The Price When Bookkeeping Means Bookcooking
Human Trafficking Amidst Interlocking Systems of Exploitation: A Focus on Pakistan
न्याय, स्वतंत्रता, समता : आज़ाद भारत में दलित
Sexualidades Latinas en Estados Unidos