Engineer’s Handbook for Implementation of Industrial Projects

ISBN: 9789381043202
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The practising engineers and the professionals undertaking projects for establishing industrial complexes frequently require information on various fields of engineering for design as well as construction. Engineer's Handbook for Implementation of Industrial Projects is meant to serve this purpose as it touches various aspects which are mostly required. While the book does not go into the details of design which would require several books to cover, this handbook mostly covers the basic requirements of the practising engineers and professionals.

The three most important features of the book are - (i) it starts from the scratch, i.e., selection of site and surveying, and goes on to complete construction work; (ii) it is full of photographs of the actual work executed; (iii) ample examples have been drawn from similar works. The discourse also covers works of electrical engineering, fire-fighting, installation of machines which are generally considered outside the scope for a civil engineer. The modern concepts of industrial sheds like pre-engineered buildings and concealed clip sheeting, various types of construction equipment and their selection, different types of railway track works for factories and heavy duty roads and floor have been described from the perspective of the project-in-charge. Project management, its utility and implementation for construction project have also been explained. Quality assurance and control which form the basic backbone of the construction project and are necessary for successful completion as per schedule and within the given cost have also, been presented in a holistic manner.

Harsimran Singh is an officer of the Indian Railway Service of Engineers of the batch of 2000 and now posted as Deputy General Manager, South-Eastern Railway, Kolkata. He is a gold medallist in Bachelor of Civil Engineering in the year 2000 from the Punjab Engineering College, then under Punjab University. He had also achieved All India Rank 1 in the Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering in the year 2001. The author has vast experience in construction of various civil engineering assets such as Railway Tracks, Railway and Road Bridges, Residential Colonies, Industrial complexes, Metro Railway and other infrastructures required for maintenance of Rolling Stock.

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