A New Perspective in Social Sciences



A New Perspective in Social Sciences critically investigates the changing dynamics in society all over with particular reference to Turkey.

In all 43 well-researched articles, authored by the acknowledged specialists and organised by the acclaimed section editors, the issues chronicled in the critique are fragmented into seven segments, viz. economics, business administration and finance, communication and behavioural sciences, education, literature and art, and social policy and labour life.

With a systematic attempt to analyse in accessible and engaging style the scope, range and purpose while developing critical examination of the issues, concerns and common fallacies, the discourse has been shaped by a range of new dynamics of society faces today. The essential aim of this book, to this end, is to explore new codes of the way that society functions as well as to bring together a large variety of perspectives.

Finally, the book considers all these relations form a unique case, namely Turkey, which shows the basic non-Western and Western society characteristics at the same time. By doing this, this book, an invaluable companion for the policymakers, academia, researchers, students and a wide range of general readers, attempts to compel us to rethink and un-think the conventional social sciences and society once more.

Doğa Başar Sarıipek, PhD, is an Associate Professor at the Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty, Kocaeli University, Turkey. His works are concentrated particularly in social policy, and specifically in rights-based and charity-based social protection, welfare theory and conditionality as well as nation-beyond forms of social policy. Doğa has published many papers in several national and international journals and books.

Bora Yenihan, PhD, is an Associate Professor at the Department of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations in Kocaeli University, Turkey. He has a PhD degree in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations from Sakarya University. Bora’s fields of interest include social policy, labour law, human resources and industrial relations.

Valentina Franca, PhD, is a Professor at the Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Valentina’s main research work focuses on labour law, specifically in new forms of work and collective labour relations. She has published several articles and has been involved in different national and international research projects in this field.

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