JTPP Vol. 1, No. 1 (January 2019) Article # 8


Explores the complex conflictual themes and relational dynamics exposed by human’s ongoing late capitalist environmental degradation


Recognising the Role Eco-grief Plays in Responding to Environmental Degradation

Sandra Engstrom (Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Stirling, Scotland)

Eco-grief is a term that has been used to describe feelings of helplessness, loss and frustration in an inability to make a difference within the changing times as related to the environment, as well as feelings that may emerge after going through one of the extreme events.

This article aims to link the research, values and behaviour associated with eco-grief with how we can respond to environmental depletion. Included is a bringing awareness to the importance of social work having a more focused and intentional link to the natural environment in the light of the ever increasing evidence that we are in a period of climate change and the impact that has on communities and individuals. A discussion around encouraging and building positive relationships with the natural world, increasing the capacity to recognise the importance of sustainable livelihoods and ability to protect and care for the natural environment is also present.

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