JTPP Vol. 2, No. 1 (January 2020) Article # 2


Aims to expose the problematic value proportions of the incessant neoliberal capitalist agenda


A Pedagogy of Resistance: Reflections on Teaching Love and Indignation in a Neoliberal University

Rachel Halfrida Cunliffe (Assistant Professor in Conflict Resolution Programme at the Portland State University, USA)

An abundance of scholarship addresses the impact of neoliberalism on higher education. Alongside this literature is a second series of explorations of the impact on the lives of academics.

This literature speaks of pedagogies of resistance and hope, of ‘poetics’ which allow individuals to navigate the shoals of neoliberal subjectivity both in terms of the pedagogy to which academics must respond for promotion and validation of their worth in academia, and in terms of the expectations of the new student whose purposes in higher education are transformed by debt and precarity to being those of consumers.

This paper explores these literatures in order to clarify a personal path to a pedagogy of resistance supported by an ethic of care.

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